Advocating for a Clean and Safe Energy Future


Winyah Rivers Foundation (Waccamaw RIVERKEEPER®) has been working to prevent and cleanup pollution from fossil-fueled energy sources like coal and natural gas throughout our watershed. As a licensed member of WATERKEEPER® Alliance, we are proponents of its Clean and Safe Energy Campaign, focusing on shifting away from our reliance on dirty fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas, towards more environmentally sustainable resources.

Going Green with Wena Tina- Life's A Garden, Dig It.

In 1826, J. C. Loudon wrote in An Encyclopaedia of Gardening, "For all things produced in a garden, whether salads or fruits, a poor man that has one of his own will eat better than a rich man that has none." To start a vegetable garden costs nothing but a few packs of seeds and rudimentary garden implements, and it saves enormous amounts of money, to say nothing of the food miles and the packaging that go into supplying you with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Going Green with Wena Tina- Buy Cardboard Egg Cartons

Going Green with Wena Tina- Cardboard egg cartons are normally made from recycled paper, which biodegrades relatively quickly, and are also again recyclable or compostable. Styrofoam or plastic cartons take a much longer time to biodegrade and their manufacture produces harmful by-products. Or better yet...visit a local farmer, bring your own basket and take your farm fresh eggs home to feed your family. Hatch this eggsellent suggestion.