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Well Water Sampling

As we all know, Hurricane Florence was devastating for many areas of North Carolina and South Carolina. The rains that have fallen regularly through the fall and winter, has kept the  Lumber River at, or just below, flood stage for months, and many in the watershed are wondering when the river will go back to a more normal flow.

Ban On Bans Bill: Help us Protect Clean Water from Waste

From our friends at Coastal Conservation League: It was introduced in the Senate today. The ban on bans bill is back.

Senators Talley and Climer, both from the Upstate, are sponsoring Senate Bill 394—a proposal that violates home rule and would prevent towns and cities in South Carolina from passing local bans on single-use plastics.

Noticeably missing from the bill? A clause grandfathering in communities that have already taken meaningful steps to address single-use plastic bags, straws and Styrofoam. I’m looking at you:

2019 Waccamaw Conference: The Journey of Trash: Pollution to Solution

You may have seen the video of a plastic straw being yanked from the nostril of a sea turtle. You may also have seen the photos of the giant trash island in the Pacific. Maybe you have even seen our beaches and riverbanks littered with trash. We are constantly reminded that trash impacts our waterways.


Volunteers Needed for 2019

Do you want to do something that is satisfying and of great service to your community? Then become a Winyah Rivers volunteer!

Volunteers are needed to help us protect clean water.  Our children and families need clean drinking water, healthy rivers and advocates fighting for clean water protections!

Sustainable Farms- A greener world

We at Winyah Rivers are looking forward to sharing time with family and friends over the holidays. Memories made around the table, especially those during the holidays, are special.  We encourage you to make your holiday meals even more special by purchasing from family farms that use sustainable practices to grow the meat, vegetables and fruit that we like to eat.

Rocky Point Community Forest - Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting, Saturday December 1st at 11AM

Whether it is your first time or a much awaited reconnection, come experience Rocky Point Community Forest where the sky is just a bit bluer, the memories and sentiments run many generations deep, and the inexplicable magic of river and the forest are at your fingertips.  We will be celebrating both the reopening of a special retreat for the community and the new life for the property as a community forest.