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Coal Ash - Action Alert

Deadline: April 6th

North Carolina's Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is receiving comments on draft coal ash rules. These proposed rules, if passed as written, have the potential to undermine the rights of communities impacted by leaking coal ash pits.

We encourage you to submit comments by e-mail to: and include "CCR Rules" in the subject line.

Poultry litter is polluting our water

It's about that time of year when farmers are fertilizing their fields. An inexpensive waste byproduct of poultry production, poultry litter, is being increasingly used. That's because poultry production and its waste is growing in our communities.

Poultry production and its waste is rapidly expanding in our rural watersheds, due to rapid expansion of poultry CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations).

Our fight continues... stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. 

Despite the ill advised decision by the NC Department of Environmental Quality to approve the water quality certification for this fracked gas pipeline, we continue our advocacy for this risky and unnecessary pipeline.

Here are two ways you can help:

Pure Farms Pure Waters

Industrialization and concentration has changed the face of animal agriculture in North Carolina. The amount of production has increased while the number of farms has decreased: ~2.6M hogs house in 15,000 hog farms in the mid-1980s; by 1997, the hog population had ballooned to 8 million and those animals were housed in fewer than 2,400 farms.