A bad Federal bill will take away citizens' rights

Don't delay.  Time is short. Speak up here to protect your rights. 

Citizen rights to sue to protect their health and environment are under attack in a proposed federal bill. 

H.R. 848, a bill that would provide a legal shield against citizen suits under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) for CAFOs and other agricultural operations, is scheduled for hearing in the House Energy and Commerce Committee on November 9. In particular, the bill would bar citizens from filing lawsuits to address imminent and substantial endangerments to their health and the environment if the state or federal government has filed a civil action, criminal case or "administrative proceeding" without requiring that the government action actually address the endangerment.  

CAFO pollution is severely impacting human health and the environment in many places across the country and a citizen suit may be the only remedy available when the government fails to protect the public, or worse, actually tries to protect the industry through administrative or civil processes.  The government should protect its citizens from polluters, not protect the polluters.