Our Cherished Asset by Michelle Lewis

Our Cherished Asset

by Michelle Lewis, Co-Chair Black River Scenic Advisory Council

Our watershed has seen multiple flooding disasters over the past few years, with the October 2015 flood being one of the costliest in South

Carolina’s history. As many of us recall, the funnel of rain from Hurricane Joaquin raised the Black River to 22.65 feet, 10.65 feet above flood stage, as measured at the Kingstree gauge. Then just one year later in October 2016, Hurricane Matthew resulted in the fourth highest water level ever recorded on Black River in Kingstree at 16.41 feet.

These two flooding events as well as Hurricane Florence in 2018 – and some landowners would look back even further to the heavy rains in Summer of 2013 and the ice storm of February 2014 ‐ all competed as worst... Click here to read more...