Protect the Lumber By Jefferson Currie II, Lumber Riverkeeper

The Lumber River is "outstandingly remarkable", part of North Carolina's Natural and Scenic River System and the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System. These designations recognized its outstanding assets, protecting the Lumber River for the present and future benefit of its people.

The proposed revised Clean Water Rule threatens these protections, particularly for many of Robeson County's Carolina bays. Some contain water year-round, others do not. But if they don't have direct connection to a navigable waterway, they may not be protected from future development.

The Natural Heritage Program has identified several  Carolina bays as significant. Four are of national significance (Goose Pond Bay, Oak Savannah Bay, Dunahoe Bay and Pretty Pond Bay). Five (Gum Pond Bay, Rex Rennert Bay/Chain Pond Bay, Horse Neck Pond Bay, Britt Road Bay, Floral College Bay Complex) are of state significance. Most are pristine or in good condition and have significant populations of one or more rare plants. Warwick Mill Bay is significant because it is an important wildlife area with a large wading bird nesting colony.

Some Carolina bays are either totally or partially afforded protection under ownership by The Nature Conservancy; however, losing protections for the other important wetland habitats is a concern. That's why I'm speaking up against the revised Clean Water Rule.

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