Cleanup Our Local Waterways

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Cleanup Our Local Waterways

Spring 2018 Seeking Volunteers

April 14th, 9am-12 pm - Walk and Paddle for Science

Join us at the Conway River Walk and Marina, celebrate the important work being done to protect our rivers and watershed.  Free kayaks available thanks to Gator Bait Adventure Tours.  A free fun family event for all ages!  Walk with us along the River Walk or paddle alongside it on the Waccamaw River.  Lunch will be provided to all our cleanup volunteers thanks to the generosity of The Warehouse! Public parking located at 110 Main Street & Laurel Street (across from Warehouse). We will start at the River Walk and end at the Conway Marina, 4 Elm Street.  Reserve a boat today...

April 14th - April 28th, Community  Cleanups

Join or organize a cleanup in your community!  Perfect for church groups, schools and/or volunteer and service opportunities. Join with hundreds of local residents working together to help clean beaches, rivers, lakes, marshes, and swamps of trash and debris.  

Take a picture, post it on social media, tell us where you are and brag about your trash collection!  Share your trash collection with us on social media using hashtag(s) #Cleanup #WaccamawRiver to #ProtectWinyahRivers  Upload your photos in our Facebook Group by clicking here...

2018 Spring Cleanup Our Local Waterways

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April 21st, 10 am- 6pm Earth Day Celebration

Join us at Captain Bucksport and Marina, to celebrate Earth Day!  Help us sweep the Waccamaw River and Bucksport Landing and celebrate our natural resources!  Free kayaks available thanks to Gator Bait Adventure Tours.  Live music and free lunch will be provided to all our cleanup volunteers thanks to Capt' BucksportReserve a boat today... 

April 28th, 9 am- 12 pm

Join us at the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge for a our free, family-friendly Cleanup Our Local Waterways event! Free kayaks provided by our generous sponsor Black River Outdoors. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore the Waccamaw River and Refuge while cleaning up our local waterways!  Reserve a boat today...

Help us protect fishable, swimmable and drinkable water and learn more about the river and local wildlife! You won’t want to miss these opportunities!



We Are Proud to be on the Front Lines

Combating Pollution in Our Rivers​


  • Since January 2017, our volunteers have donated 6,600 hours to cleanup our local waterways, we have held 141 cleanups, had 1,650 volunteers and collected 69,735 lbs of trash and pollution from the Waccamaw, Lumber, Pee Dee Rivers and the Intracoastal waterways and surrounding marshes, wetlands, swamps, beaches and riverbanks.  That is 34 1/2 tons of trash removed from our drinking water.  Volunteers cleaned over 200 miles of our backyard rivers. With the minimum wage in South Carolina being $7.25 per hour for 6,600 hours, that is equal to $47,850 in wages.

  • Awarded Community Pride Grant by Palmetto Pride to support our efforts in 2017

  • 2017 Awarded Outstanding Litter Prevention Program, Keep Horry County Beautiful Board of Directors.

  • Broke all previous program records in the number of cleanups, volunteers and amount of trash collected, making 2017 our most successful year to date.

  • 2016 Gained national recognition for most river miles cleaned by American Rivers.

  • 2016 Awarded Outstanding Litter Prevention Program by Keep Horry County Beautiful and it's affiliates.

  • Adopt-A-Landing program grew with 4 new adopters, GAP Girls Against Garbage (Chris Anderson), All Souls Waccamaw UU Fellowship (Socastee Yacht Basin), West Brunswick High School Fishing Club (Pireway) and The O'Leary family (Huggins).

  • Social Media: We would love to connect with you!  Share your trash collection with us on social media using hashtag(s) #Cleanup #WaccamawRiver to #ProtectWinyahRivers
  • Take a picture, post it on social media, tell us where you are and brag about your trash collection!  Upload your photos in our Facebook Group by clicking here.

Sept. 29, 2016

The Waccamaw RIVERKEEPER® program of Winyah Rivers Foundation just completed a semi-annual two week initiative called Cleanup Our Local Waterways.  One of our primary goals is keep our rivers, riverbanks, wetlands and boat landings clean.  If it looks clean, people are more likely to keep it that way.



Most of the trash collected was single-use items like plastic bottles and fast food packaging.  It starts out as litter on beaches, streets and sidewalks and then stormwater runoff flushes that trash through storm drains or directly into creeks, streams and rivers eventually leading to the ocean.  Plastic pollution is especially harmful. Plastic as it breaks down is toxic and threatens the health of our rivers, lakes, streams and ocean. "Marine life are swallowing water instilled with toxic chemicals from plastic decomposition.” (Dixit Renee Brown, WiredPress)    In essence, we are eating and drinking our own trash.


From 9/10- 9/25, 279 volunteers at 31 locations along the Waccamaw, Lumber and Pee Dee Rivers cleaned up 7,785 lbs. of trash and covered over 80 miles of river and river banks.  Our greatest asset as an organization is our volunteers. They actively serve to protect our rivers.  They willingly commit their time and resources to cleaning up our waterways, our wetlands and our river banks and we commend them for their volunteerism.


YouTube Video: Citizens Create Change and Combat Pollution in Our Rivers and on Our Riverbanks

DropBox Link to Video









Fall of 2016- Cleanup Our Local Waterways


Come celebrate World Rivers Day and join a community-wide initiative to cleanup our local waterways!  This Fall we kick-off our cleanups on September 10th and end with a cleanup & World River's Day celebration on September 25th at the Conway Marina.  During this two week initiative, Waccamaw RIVERKEEPER® Adopt-A-Landing program and it's dedicated volunteers are asking for your support!



What can I do to help?  

  1. Click here to register to be a clean up coordinator.  Set a date during the two week initiative- 9/10 through 9/25 for  2-4 hour(s).  Identify a public landing along the Waccamaw River you want to cleanup.  Invite all your friends and family to come along.   Bags, gloves, pickers and vests will be provided by the Waccamaw RIVERKEEPER®.

  2. Join one of the cleanups and meet our dedicated team of volunteers.  Help protect clean water and its wildlife and learn more about the impacts of trash and pollution.  Please click here for a list of cleanups you can join today.  Bags, gloves, pickers and vests will be provided by the Waccamaw RIVERKEEPER®.  Simply email the coordinator of the cleanup you want to join.

Beach Sweep/ River Sweep- September 17th-  'Beach Sweep/River Sweep is South Carolina's largest one-day volunteer cleanup event of its kind. Every 3rd Saturday in September, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., thousands of South Carolinians clear beaches, rivers, lakes, marshes, and swamps of aquatic debris. The cleanup, organized by the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium and S.C. Department of Natural Resources, has taken place annually since 1988 - when Sea Grant first started it. The Sweep takes place in conjunction with the International Coastal Cleanup, coordinated by the Ocean Conservancy. Once the Sweep is over, the Ocean Conservancy tallies all of the debris data. This data helps us learn the sources of litter so we can stop pollution before it starts.'

Registered Cleanups

'Cleanup Our Local Waterways'

Volunteers invited to join us!


We have a number of cleanups scheduled. If you are interested in joining our efforts, please contact the cleanup coordinator for that event.  This list is being updated daily, so please check our website for a current list of cleanups scheduled.  

We thank all our cleanup coordinators and dedicated volunteers for their hard work and dedication keeping the river clean and healthy.

Saturday, September 10th

9:00 AM- 12:00 PM

Reaves Ferry Landing


Hosted by: Coastal Carolina University's Environmental Quality Lab


9:00 AM- 2 ish

Big Savannah Bluff Lake 


Hosted by: Yakkity Yakers

Cleaning up the landing and as time permits will paddle around the island before a quick trip down to Live Oak Lake. Yakkity Yakers are working on providing a lunch.  Must have a kayak to participate in the paddle. Volunteers without boats are welcome to join the Yakers in cleaning up the landing. 


10:00 AM 12:00 PM

544 Socastee Boat Landing


Hosted by: Long Bay Power Squadron

8:30 AM- 10:30 AM

Wacca Wache Marina- Meeting at Crazy Sister Marina


Hosted by: Murrells Inlet 2020


10:00AM- 11:00AM
Hosted by: Wildlife Action
Contact: Tony Lanzarone with Wildlife Action


3:00PM- 4:30 PM

Pitch Landing to Red Bluff

Contact: (843) 997-5613

Hosted by : Wildlife Action, Horry County

Saturday, September 17th

10:30 AM- 1:30 PM

Pireway Landing-Waccamaw

NC Contact:

Hosted by: Grapefull Sisters Vineyard & Carrollwoods RV Campground 

9:30 AM- 12:00 PM

Peachtree Landing


Hosted by: The Ochsenbein's & Gator Bait Adventure Tours

12:00 PM- 2:00 PM

Enterprise Landing


Hosted by:  SC Sierra Club Winyah Group


9:00 AM- 12:00 PM

Chris Anderson Landing


Hosted by: Gap Girls Against Garbage at Gap Outlet


Saturday, September 24th

10:00 AM- 12:00 PM

Lee' s Landing


Hosted by: Beta Gamma Sigma


9:00 AM- 12 PM

Cox Ferry


Hosted by: Black River Outdoors

Sunday, September 25th

10:00 AM- 12:00 PM

Conway Marina (4 Elm Street in Conway)


Hosted by: Waccamaw RIVERKEEPER®

World Rivers Day Celebration- September 25th, 12- 2pm Conway Marina, 4 Elm Street, Conway, SC

To register please complete the following form: World Rivers Day Registration Form

'World Rivers Day is a celebration of the world’s waterways. It highlights the many values of our rivers, strives to increase public awareness, and encourages the improved stewardship of all rivers around the world.  Rivers in virtually every country face an array of threats, and only through our active involvement can we ensure their health in the years ahead.' 


Why should we care?  Learn more about our Adopt-A-Landing program and the importance of protecting clean water.  Interested in learning more about becoming an Adopt-A-Landing supporter?  Please visit:



Spring of 2016

The Waccamaw RIVERKEEPER®, iHeart Media, Conway Parks & Recreation, Coastal Carolina University's Faculty & Students, Ripley’s Aquarium’s Conservation Team, Gator Bait Adventure Tours, Black River Outdoors Center, Sierra Club’s Winyah Group and a multitude of eager volunteers came together to help,  pick up litter, trash and flood debris. 

In 2015, Waccamaw RIVERKEEPER®’s  Adopt-A-Landing program and  two yearly cleanups collected a total of 5,000lbs of discarded waste.   This years’ 2016, 'Clean Our Local Waterways' initiative collected over 11,200lbs of discarded waste from 4/23 through 5/7.  All of the waste collected was from our local waterways and surrounding wetlands.   The majority of the items collected were plastic water bottles, glass bottles and aluminum cans- and therefore, the majority of what we collected was recyclable. 

Efforts this year were focused on the public landings along the Waccamaw River and surrounding wetlands most heavily hit by this Fall's flooding.   Between J. Todd Landing & Cox Ferry almost 4,000 pounds of trash was collected.  

This was my first time participating in a cleanup event, and while the amount of trash is disturbing, the enthusiasm and eagerness to improve the cleanliness of the river that the volunteers displayed is a testament to the heart of the people who love this river,” said a local student from Coastal Carolina University.

I want to thank all the volunteers and the folks from the Waccamaw RIVERKEEPER® Program who gave up their Saturday morning to come clean our backyard wetlands.  We’re still recovering from the flood and we’re so thankful to you all,” said Lynn Cox a local resident whose home flooded on three separate occasions this fall.

“Came to my favorite Landing to see Waccamaw RIVERKEEPER®  collecting over 10 large bags of trash! I haven’t been here in a while and to see it finally clean again is amazing!”  Review by Matthew Gillis.

Once again, the community came out to support this event and we were able to pick up a record amount of garbage and debris" said Emma Boyer, the Waccamaw Riverkeeper.

This has been a great initiative that truly demonstrates how community efforts matter in keeping our rivers swimmable, drinkable and fishable for our families and our future.  



Every day Winyah Rivers Foundation and the Waccamaw RIVERKEEPER® program are working for YOU. Our mission is to PROTECT YOUR RIGHT TO CLEAN WATER by PROTECTing YOUR waterways. We monitor, cleanup, and advocate to protect and restore clean water.

Winyah Rivers Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization with the mission to protect, preserve, monitor and revitalize the health of the lands and waters of the greater Winyah Bay watershed.