2019 Palmetto Giving Day








Palmetto Giving Day 

One Month Away! 


On National Give Local Day, Tuesday, May 7th, you will have the opportunity to pick your passion and show your commitment to the quality of life here in the Lowcountry and Grand Strand. Palmetto Giving Day 2019 is being organized as a grassroots effort by local nonprofit organizations and supported by the Francis P. Bunnelle Foundation. This is a 24-hour online giving event geared towards increasing online fundraising, building an online presence, and finding new prospective donors for our nonprofits. Help us spread the word about this event and join in growing this community by picking your passion.  We hope that at least one of your passions is our rivers! 

For the past four years, Giving Day has been our largest fundraiser with you helping us bring in over $20,000 in 2015, over $21,000 in 2016, over $21,000 in 2017 and over $20,000 in 2018.  Our goal this year is to raise more than previous years. With the pledged support of our wonderful match sponsors the Francis P. Bunnelle Foundation and the Winyah Rivers Alliance Board we have matching funds waiting for us. Help us reach our goal of raising $25,000 this year! We know with your help we can meet this goal and continue to protect your rivers. 

The funds raised over the past years have allowed us to grow our staff and our programming. Our staff has continued to grow to the largest in Winyah Rivers Alliance history (2 full-time and 3 part-time employees), we are covering more ground and more issues in our watershed than ever, and are engaging and empowering hundreds of volunteers and partners in the effort to protect the rivers we all love.

We are the ONLY local grassroots organization serving this region devoting all of its efforts to protect your right to clean water. We strive to educate, inform, and empower this community to protect YOUR waters. As a grassroots organization we exist because of the passionate support of our membership and for the benefit of all of the residents and visitors to this region.  

We are in a time where our local conservation efforts may very well be our primary line of defense for protecting our natural resources. Winyah Rivers Alliance is one of the few local organizations that is in the right position to serve at the forefront of these efforts. By supporting us on Palmetto Giving Day you will be contributing to our growing momentum at a time when our efforts could be the best hope for protecting the health of our waters and our community.  

Palmetto Giving Day will be here before we know it. We ask you first and foremost to mark your calendars for May 7th and donate on that day. On May 7th you will double your impact by helping us unlock matching funds.  Just as important, we ask you to invite your friends to do the same.  You are our network and your reach is impressive.  Sharing one’s personal passion is a very powerful thing. If we can combine all of your passion for the river and your reach into growing support for Winyah Rivers Alliance there is no telling how much we can do.  Forward this newsletter, follow us on Facebook and share our posts about Palmetto Giving Day, and talk to your friends and family about this.

CHOOSE CLEAN WATER! Join us in ensuring that our rivers are fishable, swimmable, and drinkable for our families and for our future.