Pure Farms Pure Waters

After suffering for years, families who live near a hog farm in Bladen County, NC won a $50M verdict in their nuisance case against Smithfield, the corporation that controls much of the hog industry in NC.

In response, the NC legislature turned around and passed legislation to restrict the rights of the people and communities impacted by these factory farms.

The NC Governor vetoed the bill but the legislature then voted to override the Governor's veto.

Unfortunately, impacted communities lost the battle to protect their properties and their families from pollution created by the corporations that control these factory farms.


We are not anti-farmer, we are anti-pollution!

This July 4th, let’s show our appreciation for environmentally-conscious farmers who raise meat sustainably and humanely using traditional techniques.

Waterkeeper groups across North Carolina have compiled a list of farms in their watersheds that feed us without threatening our rivers, lakes, and streams which you can find here.