Wishes Do Come True

Thank you for caring about the Winyah Bay watershed.  There’s a few things we need that would make fulfilling our mission a whole lot easier!


Our President
“I wish we had a generous donor that would donate $10,000 every year to our general fund.”

-Reggie Daves


Our Deputy Director
“ I wish we had 10+ foot kayak and trailer- for leading paddling trips; and life jackets for boating activities.”

-Christine Ellis


Our Waccamaw Riverkeeper®
“Being on the river is integral to what we do.  While kayaking is the mode of transportation I like best, a motor boat is more appropriate for many of our activities on the river.  We have the boat, I am wishing for a reliable and efficient motor make it river-worthy.” 

Estimated cost $4,000- $5,000

-Emma Boyer


* We have new office staff but they need a working computer!  $800- $1,000

* A conference table cover with WRK’s logo (the current one is being held together with duct tape)

* A new free standing WRK banner (the current one is very faded)

* 1-2 large water jugs (5 gal) for clean-up events for volunteers at our clean-up events

* A professionally made sign for clean-up events to stake into the ground in town (we "created" one for our fall event)

* Garmin handheld marine GPS - for tracking pollution sources

* Lowrance fish finder (sonar + GPS) - for surveying invasive plant species at Lake Waccamaw

* Portable hard drive - for computer backup   Thanks to the generous donation of Pat & Forrest Meiere we now have a docking station and portable hardrive.  


If you are interested in sponsoring any of our wish list items please, contact our

Office Manager, April O'Leary at admin@winyahrivers.org or call 843) 349- 4007