End of Year Campaign

It’s the Giving Season

that time of year when we give thanks and give generously to the causes we hold dear.

At Winyah Rivers Alliance, we are grateful for our Board of Directors, our staff, our members, our volunteers, and everyone who supports our mission to protect clean water for our families and our future. Together, we are a formidable Clean Water Team!

Our local rivers are important community assets…providing fishable, swimmable, drinkable water to support our communities and our economy. Now, as we celebrate the successes we’ve had over the past year, we look forward to next year and the programs and services we will continue and/or launch in the new year. Your gift this Giving Season will fund our efforts in the coming year. Your generosity is appreciated!

Financial contributions are critical to our ability to maintain and expand our programs. Financial contributions of $25 or more qualify you as a member of Winyah Rivers Alliance and are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. In return you will see your gift at work to:

  • measurably improve water quality
  • bring legal action to enforce our state and federal environmental laws
  • teach and practice a “river ethic” of ecological respect to all ages
  • improve access to the river for recreation and boating
  • support our natural resource based economy
Winyah Rivers Alliance

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