Info on Black Wood Pellet Process

Why We Oppose AERP’s Black Wood Pellet Process in Robeson County, NC

AERP, a foreign company from England, wants to make Black Wood Pellets in Robeson County (on Alamac Road south of Lumberton) in a new, commercially-untested process in the U.S. using wood and sawdust from trees, and possibly chicken waste.

Trees from our forests will be cut down and the Wood Pellets sent overseas for fuel. AERP wants to expand by 10 times its original amount of wood used, contributing to rising deforestation and pollution in our county and region.

AERP is using a new method to manufacture wood pellets called CoalSwitch, and they want to sell the pellets as a substitute for coal in overseas markets.

This process uses pressure cooking and steam to explode plant fibers so they release water and pollutants, then the fiber is dried and pressed into pellets.

AERP admitted in their air quality permit application that the company has no “emissions Factors to calculate air emissions from the proposed sources”.

NC Department of Air Quality (DAQ) is basing AERP’s potential emissions on a different pellet plant with a different process because this is a new method.

AERP provided no testing information about emissions and DAQ is still giving the company 180 days to verify levels of Volatile Organic Emissions (VOCs).

AERPs air emissions include estimated (experimental) levels for Harmful Air Pollutants (HAPs), such as: Acrolein, Ammonia, Benzene, Formaldehyde and Toluene.

Accurate emissions levels are unknown, and long-term exposure to most of these pollutants can increase respiratory problems.

AERPs pellet process creates liquid contaminants and the company’s permit for their Waste Water Treatment Plant expired in 2019.

AERP told investors that by 2021 they want to increase production 10 times more than stated in their permit application.

Burning pellets made with trees from our healthy forests produces more carbon than burning coal, and is bad for our environment and climate; and contributes to more extreme weather.

“Biomass” Pellets are not a renewable, clean, or green energy industry.

Making Black Wood Pellets creates long-term Pollution Problems for the health of our communities.

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