Keeping Rivers Answering Questions

As Riverkeepers, we receive lots of questions about our rivers. For example, we get asked…

Why is the river brown? Where does the river start? How clean is the river? What does a Riverkeeper do? How do you test the water? Who can help protect the river? 

Because we love our jobs and love our rivers, we at Winyah Rivers Alliance encourage you to reach out with questions about our rivers and our work to protect them. We are a resource and an advocate for you and our rivers.

Anytime you have a question, please email us at


Join our virtual event!

Winyah Rivers Alliance is hosting “Keeping Rivers Taking Questions”, a virtual Q&A session.

July 7th, 2020

4:30-5:30 pm

Join your Waccamaw Riverkeeper, Cara Schildtknecht, for an hour of answering your questions about the Waccamaw River!

Click here to register to attend “Keeping Rivers Taking Questions” via Zoom>>

Submit questions during registration or ask them during the virtual event.

Maybe you’re curious about wildlife on the river? Do you want to know how you can get involved? Or do you just want to know the Riverkeeper’s favorite color? Here is your chance to ask!

If you’re unable to join us on July 7, no worries! We will post the video on YouTube>>

Questions about the July 7th event? Email Cara,


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