Volunteers Needed for 2019

Do you want to do something that is satisfying and of great service to your community? Then become a Winyah Rivers volunteer!

Volunteers are needed to help us protect clean water.  Our children and families need clean drinking water, healthy rivers and advocates fighting for clean water protections!

Sustainable Farms- A greener world

We at Winyah Rivers are looking forward to sharing time with family and friends over the holidays. Memories made around the table, especially those during the holidays, are special.  We encourage you to make your holiday meals even more special by purchasing from family farms that use sustainable practices to grow the meat, vegetables and fruit that we like to eat.

Rocky Point Community Forest - Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting, Saturday December 1st at 11AM

Whether it is your first time or a much awaited reconnection, come experience Rocky Point Community Forest where the sky is just a bit bluer, the memories and sentiments run many generations deep, and the inexplicable magic of river and the forest are at your fingertips.  We will be celebrating both the reopening of a special retreat for the community and the new life for the property as a community forest.

A new corps of volunteers forms to be watchdogs for pipeline impacts

Last week our NC Pipeline Watch Program launched with volunteer training in Robeson County, North Carolina. Volunteers learned how to monitor pipeline construction activities, identify required pollution control measures, determine if those measures are preventing water quality impacts, and how to document and report observed problems along the planned pipeline route.