Ban On Bans Bill: Help us Protect Clean Water from Waste

From our friends at Coastal Conservation League: It was introduced in the Senate today. The ban on bans bill is back.

Senators Talley and Climer, both from the Upstate, are sponsoring Senate Bill 394—a proposal that violates home rule and would prevent towns and cities in South Carolina from passing local bans on single-use plastics.

Noticeably missing from the bill? A clause grandfathering in communities that have already taken meaningful steps to address single-use plastic bags, straws and Styrofoam. I’m looking at you:

Isle of Palms
Folly Beach
Surfside Beach
Mount Pleasant
Sullivan’s Island
James Island
Beaufort County
And every single municipality in Beaufort County

It’s time to speak up and stand united. We need to call out this bill for what it is—an industry-backed proposal that is meant to blunt local progress and your right to protect your waterways, wildlife and public health.

We can’t let this proposal move an inch in the Senate. If it passes the Senate, it will almost surely pass through the House. Please act right now.

Send a quick email or pick up the phone and call your state Senator. Tell them you need them to fight to protect home rule and your community. Urge them to reject this legislation, once and for all. Tell them organizations like Winyah Rivers Alliance collected 40 tons of discarded waste from our waterways in 2018 and that’s just a fraction of the problem with single use plastics.

Get started here and take action now: