Filling a Need for Land Conservation

In 2015, Winyah Rivers took title to property on the Black River at Rocky Point and for the first time officially became land owners.  As a result, during our strategic planning process in 2016, we identified the need to develop a strategy for this and future land acquisitions.

In 2017, with the help of consultant Charles Roe and our Strategic Planning Committee, WRF's Board of Directors voted to consider additional land acquisitions where that land is determined to be critically important for protection of clean water, natural resources conservation, and water based public recreation and education. We will continue to collaborate with our conservation partners and, where a need is identified, we will evaluate future land acquisitions using a specific set of evaluation and selection procedures and criteria to fulfill a land conservation niche not provided by other land trusts working in our region. Those procedures and criteria are currently under development.


Learn more about our land conservation efforts here.