Recent Highlights - Trip to Nepal

Nepal continues to be amazing; its people, its culture, its nature!

Yesterday our Waterkeeper team returned to Druk Amitabha Mountain to continue our training on water quality monitoring, this time using equipment provided by YSI, Inc. We trained some key nuns from the nunnery as well as our Himalayan Glacier Waterkeeper, Padma Tashi, and his colleague, Dechan Yangdol, both from the Ladakh region in Northern India. It was wonderful to see Padma Tashi again as I had first met him during our Waterkeeper trip to India in July. I had not met Dechan before and was very impressed with her and her skills. The streams and rivers are in good hands with the Himalayan Glacier Waterkeeper, staff and affiliates, and the Kung Fu nuns all working together to protect clean water throughout the Himalayas.

Photo by Sharon Khan

A highlight of that day was the opportunity to see the Kung Fu nuns practicing their art. This ancient art not only teaches self defense but helps to develop discipline, concentration, and self esteem. To see the nuns practicing Kung Fu was so amazing and an experience I was lucky to have. 


Today we had another highlight...first our morning meeting with our Nepal Waterkeepers and affiliates then the inauguration event for the 2nd Annual Nepal River Summit. The inauguration event, hosted by our Nepal Waterkeepers, affiliates and partners, was attended by over 200 people and included several speakers of distinction. Megh Ale, Karnali River Waterkeeper and President of the Nepal River Conservation Trust, and Ramesh Bhushal, Trishuli River Waterkeeper, welcomed speakers from government, university, nature-based tourism companies, and NGOs who gathered to continue to create a conversation that leads to meaningful changes in policy to conserve and manage Nepal's rivers for the benefit of clean water and healthy, vibrant communities.

Tomorrow it's off to the Trishuli River where the Summit will begin with a river rafting experience. As Waterkeepers, we can't wait to get to the river!

More on that in my next blog...