Speak up about impacts on water and wetlands and the proposed ACP

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Public Hearing on Water/Wetland Impacts—Your Comments Needed!

  • July 18th, Fayetteville, 6:00 pm, Fayetteville Tech Community College, 2201 Hull Road. Cumberland Auditorium. Signup begins at5:00 pm.

Natural gas pipelineThe Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) is a proposed highly pressurized natural gas pipeline planned to run through WV, VA, and 8 eastern NC counties. This pipeline is dangerous, expensive, and unneeded - see our Clean and Safe Energy page for more info about the pipeline and for talking points.

To be approved, the pipeline must be granted a state “401 Water Quality Certification” by the NC Division of Water Resources, with the purpose of protecting NC’s waters and wetlands, and the aquatic and human life that depend on them!  After extensive review of large permit files, a collaborative team from several organizations has found several major flaws in the application.

Please show up (your attendance will speak volumes to the state agency responsible for water quality protections), stand up (for your right to clean water) and speak up (to prevent a permit that would let ACP degrade our resources and put Environmental Justice at risk)! You do not have to live in the counties along the pipeline route to participate in this process.