Water is Our Community's Greatest Asset

Water is Our Communities Greatest Asset

By April O'Leary, Program Officer

Since 2001, when we began this work, there has been a shift in public awareness of and concern about the threats to our water resources.  However, very little has changed in the way of policy.  World experts continue to call on us to help support best practices when it comes to managing our water resources but more often than not, decisions are made based on economic and political interests with insufficient regard for environmental impacts.  There are many factors that continue to put pressure on our water resources.  Pollution, industrial farming, increase in population and development, industry, consumer demand, the list goes on and we are not immune to any of these threats.  But we are among the lucky ones, living in region shaped by water - it's in abundance.  In fact it's our greatest asset as a community!  Our water is so treasured that hundreds of families chose to move here because of it.  Families like yours perhaps.  So how do we protect our greatest asset?  Together!  Vote, volunteer, give to protect and preserve your water resources and your rivers.  We cannot do this work alone.  We need your help.  



Together, let's protect clean water.  Share this video with your friends and family. Ask them to join our efforts!