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Update: Conway Medical Center asked Horry County Council for a deferment of its rezoning request while it looks for another place to build its hospital. Great news for conservation of the Lewis Ocean Bay Heritage Preserve! It’s definitely worth a visit!

Click here to read the article in The Post & Courier>>

The 3rd and final reading to rezone the Conway Medical Center (CMC) property across from Lewis Ocean Bay Heritage Preserve is on the agenda for the Horry County Council meeting on Tuesday, February 20th, 2024. Winyah Rivers Alliance has been fighting against this rezoning since it was first introduced in January 2021. We need your help to protect clean water by asking Horry County Council to deny this rezoning! 

Tell Horry County Council we need to protect our natural areas. There are far better locations for a medical center. It does not need to go here where there is so much as risk! 


Write to County Council

Write to Horry County Council to urge them to deny this request and request a public hearing. It has been over 2 years since Horry County Council had a hearing about this rezoning and are now moving to the 3rd – and FINAL – Reading of the ordinance without hearing from YOU! Since then, 3 new members have joined the council and they need to hear from their constituents.  Write to county council TODAY to make your voice heard on this rezoning.

Show Up to the Meeting 

Come show your support with us and our local conservation partners. Coastal Conservation League will have signs and stickers available to show Horry County Council how many people are opposed to the rezoning and development agreement. Look out for Venus flytrap and prescribed fire signs!  Horry County Council MeetingTuesday, February 20th at 6:00 PM Horry County Government Center 1301 2nd Ave, Conway, SC



There are better locations for a medical center in Horry County. The proposed location is fraught with concern for Winyah Rivers Alliance and our many local conservation partners. Among the concerns are the following: The proposed parcel is 70% wetlands. Despite promises that wetlands will not be impacted, adjacent impervious cover will impact the wetlands. Wetlands help protect clean water and mitigate flooding. The medical center would reduce or eliminate the wetlands ability to function. There is no better use for wetlands than to remain ecologically functioning wetlands.The Horry County Comprehensive Plan identifies this parcel as Scenic and Conservation. This designation is given to environmentally sensitive and scenic areas that are important for the ecosystem services they provide, including flood control, stormwater filtration, and clean air. The proposed medical center would be adjacent to both Lewis Ocean Bay Heritage Preserve and the Horry County mitigation bank which require burning to ecologically function. Prescribed burning is highly regulated near medical facilities. 
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