Will you help protect the Lumber River?

Winyah Rivers Alliance, in partnership with the University of North Carolina Pembroke, is excited to launch a Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program on the Lumber River in North Carolina.

Winyah Rivers Alliance’s Lumber Riverkeeper, Jefferson Currie II, has identified multiple volunteer monitoring sites along the Lumber River from its headwaters at Drowning Creek downstream to Ashpole Swamp.

To launch the program, we are partnering with UNCP to identify students to sample monitoring sites close to Pembroke. In addition, we are recruiting community volunteers to sample monitoring sites in Lumberton.

Student and community volunteers will be trained to use water quality monitoring equipment to collect water samples and record water conditions at their selected monitoring sites. The data our volunteers collect will be compiled, evaluated and used to maintain detailed records on the water quality of the Lumber River at different sites and over time.

The Lumber Riverkeeper, Jeff Currie, and Riverkeeper Assistant, Emma Gratto, are actively recruiting volunteers who want to play an active role in the protection of the Lumber River and its tributaries. Contact Emma Gratto, Riverkeeper Assistant at with any questions or inquiries for the volunteer monitoring program.

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