Plastic litter…the bane of the Riverkeeper

Ever since our nonprofit was founded in 2001, we have been engaging our community in litter cleanups, removing trash from our rivers and educating folks about the impacts of litter in our waterways…its negative effects on our wildlife, the pollution it causes, and the visual impacts of litter in our precious rivers.

When we launched our Waccamaw River Blue Trail initiative with our partners, Winyah Rivers launched our RIVERKEEPER® Adopt-a-Landing Program. This program was intended to supplement our litter prevention and cleanup efforts by engaging local companies, organizations, and citizens in regular cleanups at our public boat landings.

We started on the Waccamaw, with several adopters, then expanded to our other local rivers, and continue to expand throughout our greater Winyah Bay watershed.

Click here to read more about our litter prevention and cleanup efforts>>

In December, the Presidential Plastics Action Plan was launched. The plan calls for 8 priority plastic actions for President-Elect Biden’s 1st year.

As a Riverkeeper organization leading litter prevention and cleanup campaigns on our local rivers, streams and wetlands, plastic pollution is of great concern…cigarette ends, plastic bottles and lots of other plastic items find their way into our local rivers, polluting our drinking water, impacting our river recreation, and sullying the aesthetic beauty of our local rivers.

It is time for action to end the plastic pollution crisis. Take action here>>
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