Protect Scenic & Conservation Areas in Horry County!

On Tuesday September 3rd, Horry County Council will have public hearings on two issues that have the potential to impact areas identified as Scenic & Conservation in the Horry County Comprehensive Plan. We’re asking Horry County citizens to:

Speak up

E-mail your comments to Horry County Council:

Call or e-mail your County Council representative directly: Click here for contact information for all council members

Ask them to vote against Horry County’s Comprehensive Plan, Imagine 2040 (Ordinance 54-19) and to vote against the rezoning of Bear Paw (Ordinance 56-19)!

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Show up

Horry County Council meeting on Tuesday, September 3rd at 6 pm (Horry County Administration Building, 1301 Second Avenue in Conway) to show your opposition.

Due to the limited opportunity to speak at the hearing, we encourage you to both submit written comment and show your opposition by attending the hearing in person! Make sure your voice is heard and your opposition is seen by Horry County Council! 


The Problem with Imagine 2040

After months of tireless work by the steering committee, Imagine 2040, the county’s Comprehensive Plan, was presented with a last minute change which severely weakens protections for areas identified as Scenic & Conservation. The revised language allows for rezoning within Scenic & Conservation areas when considered at the parcel level. These rezonings do not account for watershed-based long-term planning that helps to protect the floodplain and mitigate the impacts of flooding on people and properties.

How Imagine 2040 Will Promote Development in Vulnerable Areas

A prime example of how the current language enables inappropriate rezoning in ecologically important areas is the rezoning of the Bear Paw parcel. The developers are requesting a rezoning of 44.72 acres located on Old Highway 90 in Conway for residential development. The Bear Paw parcel contains more than 17 acres of wetlands and is part of Jones Big Swamp. While this is a small parcel, the rezoning is only the first phase in a larger development plan for the area near the Lewis Ocean Bay Heritage Preserve.

Despite Planning Commission’s recommendation for disapproval, County Council approved the rezoning at 2nd Reading. Under the revised language for Imagine 2040, the rezoning of Bear Paw would be a simple process and would likely be approved for development. Unless there are necessary revisions to current rezoning criteria, the Imagine 2040 Plan will not meet its intended purpose to conserve, preserve and restore our natural resources for Horry County’s future.

How You Can Prevent Dangerous Development 

This is merely the first instance of inappropriate and irresponsible rezonings that can be made under the Imagine 2040 Plan with the current language. The Waccamaw RIVERKEEPER® needs your help to convince the Horry County Council to deny the approval of the Imagine 2040 Plan with its current language and to deny the rezoning of Bear Paw. Speak up before September 3rd and show up on September 3rd during the Horry County Council meeting to show your opposition.

Contact your Waccamaw Riverkeeper with any questions! Email or call (843) 349-4007.

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