Protecting Our Endangered Little Pee Dee River

During this Earth Month 2024, American Rivers announced the 10 most endangered rivers in the nation, including the Little Pee Dee River as #5.

Winyah Rivers Alliance and our partners, including The Waccamaw Indian People and Coastal Conservation League, are working together to protect this unique and important river watershed for the benefits it provides to our communities and all Carolinians.

“You destroy this beautiful natural resource. You destroy these communities along this river and it’s so important to protect it,” Debra Buffkin, Executive Director of Winyah Rivers Alliance.

“A lot of times that surface connection comes about during times of flooding, which is when you need wetlands,” Dylan Coleman, Pee Dee Rivers/Lynches River Project Coordinator.

Read more below. For questions, please reach out to Debra Buffkin, Executive Director, and/or Dylan Coleman, Pee Dee Rivers/Lynches River Project Coordinator.

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America’s Most Endangered Rivers® of 2024 is a call to action for clean water. We must shore up
safeguards for streams and wetlands at the state level, and we must strengthen the Clean Water
Act to ensure rivers everywhere are protected. American Rivers is proud to work with our local
partners advocating for the future. Together, we must defend these 10 rivers — and demand
greater protections for all 3 million miles of rivers across our country.

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