2017 Palmetto Giving Day

We're so excited to announce that we raised over $23,300 for the rivers on Palmetto Giving Day!  We're so grateful to all our supporters for their generosity.  Please join us in thanking the following Palmetto Giving Day donors.

Full Name
Jessie White
Clay and Kay Swenson
Christopher and Tracy Huggins
Jo Jeffers
Smith Sapp Bookhout Crumpler & Calliham, P.A. 
Clay and Kay Swenson
Teresa and Joseph Jacobs
Frank and Valerie Moliterno
Doug & Jimi Kay Smith
Ron Hartman
Bunnelle Foundation
Elliott Realty Charitable Community Fund of Waccamaw Community Foundation
Amy Armstrong
April O'Leary
Cynthia Dyer
Judith Ellis
Alba Boyer
Eric Hurlin
Jessie White
Bo Ives
Thomas Badgett
Robert Steffens
Mark Haugh
Shelley Ridout
Leslie Wilson
Richard Moore
Robert Moran
Archie Biggs
Susan Webb
Christine Doran
Jane Rucker
Thomas Badurski
Russell and Lucinda Long
Beth Werkhoven
Grace Lucta Gerald M.D.
Grace Allen
Martha T Smith
Neil Boyer
Clay and Kay Swenson
Christine Ellis
Emma Gerald Boyer
Michelle Kretzer
Filippo Ravalico
Christopher Galton
Mary Wagner
Grace Lynch
Sandra Bundy
Barbara Plunket
Steve & Diana Minta
Rebecca Sue Jennings
Hal & Alice Vivian
Cara Schildtknecht
Joy & Joe Pinson
Cynthia Powell
Josh Quammen
Charles Munson
Lucta Allen-Gerald
Naomi Golden
Gregory L. Mitchell
Edward Schildtknecht
Alicia Barnes
Patricia OBrien
Heather LHeureux
Karen Sundberg
Reginald Daves
Frank and Valerie Moliterno
Simon F. Bula
Nancy and Allen Kenny
Doug & Jimi Kay Smith
Unity Christ Church
Paul and Maura Kenny