Protect NEPA


The Council on Environmental Quality is taking comments on its revisions to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) from harmful revisions that will gut the Act’s effectiveness. NEPA has protected you and your community from exactly the kinds of dubious and reckless conduct that happens when industry proposals get a rubber stamp instead of a hard look. That’s why it is so important to protect NEPA. #ProtectNEPA and #ProtectYourVoice.

This is the time to tell the White House to leave NEPA alone by submitting your thoughts here. Before August 20th, use your own words and remind the White House:
• Your voice should be heard for federal decisions that
could affect you and your community.
• It’s important to know the options and alternatives before spending billions of taxpayer dollars.
• Knowing how projects will affect low-income
communities and communities of color helps protect
people who for too long have not had meaningful
• Our federal decisions—now more than ever—need more
transparency, not less.

Thank you  for helping us protect the NEPA and require all federal agencies, “to the fullest extent possible,” to “restore and enhance” the environment and to “encourage and facilitate public involvement in decisions” that may affect the environment.

 Success Story- Thanks to NEPA's scoping process, the Department of Energy's (DOE)  has taken a comprehensive approach to the cleanup process that has employed groundbreaking technologies to increase the effectiveness of cleanup efforts and reduce risk of 300 square miles adjacent to the Savannah River in SC. This resulted in solutions that were much more cost and time efficient.

Photo credit: US DOE, Implosion Cooling Tower


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